How to Send Notifications to Private Slack Channels

Follow these steps to add a private Slack channel to your notification delivery channel.

Step 1

In Anyfication Notification Page, click to add a new notification or edit an existing notification from the list.

Step 2

In the notification edit page, you'll see the Slack channels, but you won't be able to find private channels. The reason is that Anyfication needs to be installed independently in private channels. So let's do that.

Step 3

You need to create one if you don't have a private channel. If you already have a private channel, skip to Step 6 below.

First, creating a private Slack channel is to prevent other people in your organization from joining without permission.

This is usually necessary when dealing with sensitive information that should be restricted to a certain group of people.

Go to Channels in your Slack, click the dropdown arrow, and choose Create Channel. Then name it as you like.

Step 4

Choose the Private channel as indicated below.

Step 5

Choose wisely who you would like to invite to this channel. You can also be the only user within the channel.

Step 6

Find your private channel in your Slack channels list (the lock icon indicates private channels before their names) and click the dropdown arrow to the right of its name.

Step 7

In the channel details lightbox, find the " integrations " tab and click on it.

Step 8

Now you need to Add an App (Anyfication) to it. So please click the "Add an App" button on the integrations page.

Step 9

Search for Anyfication and click the "Add" button beside it.

Step 10

Now you can go back to your Notifications page within the Anyfication App in the Shopify Admin of your store and click the "Refresh" button.

Step 11

Find your private channel name on the list and select it.

Step 12

Click the "Save" or "Add New Notification" button to confirm the changes.

Step 13

Awesome! You'll start receiving notifications in your private channel from now on.

Step 14

You're done! But remember that for each private channel, you need to follow these steps and install Anyfication in each one.

If you have any additional questions, send us a message!

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